Personalized Prison Sentences

Wait, what?

First off – we need to ask ourselves as a society a very simple but important question. Depending on the answer, our approach to incarceration, jail, prisons, the justice system, the penal system, and every thing courts, juries, defenders and prosecutors may need to change.

So what’s the question? See below:

What do you prefer?

  1. Punishment, or
  2. Rehabilitation

If it’s number two, then everything we’re doing to criminals is unjust. Unjust for the person, the victims, and a society at large.

This is just a quick email to myself, so no need to dive deep here. But here’s the truth I know: Our brain chemistry is different from one another. How we perceive and learn things differ. Corporations know this, which is why so much is invested in personality assessments, training, and personal and professional development.

If we want what’s best for society, shouldn’t we do our absolute fucking best to rehabilitate?

Unless that’s not what we want in truth, but actually are looking for redemption and punishment. If that’s the case, then yah. Let’s let our criminals rot. Just like the rest of society is.

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