Wu-Tang Clan – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

There’s only one hand-crafted copy of the Wu’s album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

No other copies will be made.

Fans can pay $50 to listen to the album as it tours different museums and art galleries.

The deets

The Clan has been working on this album for well over a year, in secret. It will be sold in a hand-crafted, engraved silver and nickel box, designed and made by British-Moroccan artist, Yahya.

once upon a time in shaolin - Wu Tang Clan


Wu-Tang has been criticized for this move. What the critics forget is that it should always be up to the artist(s) to choose when, how, where, how many, and where to sell his or her art. In this case – the Wu is telling the world that this album, is their Mona Lisa. -And they don’t want to give the world prints or copies. There’s one and only one.

As a closet-artist, I commend them for their bold and courageous move. Even if it might be a little crazy. Or maybe, a lot crazy.