When I die

Dear Mother: if you’ve outlived me,

I know it’s tragic to outlive your child. I cringe in fear at the thought of anything happening to Philo or Sophie. But such is life. A few things to consider.

I’ve lived long and I have prospered. I’ve achieved so many of my dreams, more than most people could imagine. I’ve travelled the world, made love to beautiful women, eaten the finest delicacies, and for the most part, have had an unbelievably blessed life. Best of all, I’ve been surrounded by great people. The best anyone could wish for. So, really, there’s nothing tragic about my death. I’m outlived by two beautiful children who contain in them my essence. I am immortal and not dead.

Second, considering my great life, there are thousands of children helpless in the world right now. More children die of hunger than supposed tragic events like my death. Think about those other children. Not me.

I was special to you, but not any more special than anyone else. No more special than you. Whatever energy and love you have, dedicate it to yourself and your grandkids. Be selfish in this regard. If there is one thing I have always wished for you, it is that you take better care of yourself. Your lack of self-love has always caused me heartache. Take this opportunity to cherish my memories by loving yourself unconditionally. This is the only thing I ask of you.

To Philo,

Dear Son, my hero, my love, my first knight, my successor,

You may not grasp the weight of what I say until you have your own children, but do keep it in mind: from the time you were born, you were special. Sure, every parent might think so of their child, but you, truly, are special. It has always been so obvious. Not just to your mother and me, but to all who have met you. You were born wise, with the spirit of an old and wise soul. As if you have lived hundreds of years before you were born.

Your potential is limitless. Truly. I know this to be true more than any truth I know.

Marry smart. You deserve nothing but the best. Don’t ever let anyone treat you with less kindness than you deserve. Especially your life partner. But do also be kind to her. For she is a woman and needs tender love and care from time to time.

Marry smart. Great looks will fade. Make sure she’s your best friend. Someone who will push you and care for you.

My father once boasted, how wonderful his wife (my mother) was. He said, you can’t find women of this calibre in today’s society. Indeed, it was difficult. And trust me, I searched and was not prepared to settle for anything less than amazing. Again, I was blessed to find your mother.

Respect your mother and sister. Love them and care for them. This is what I want. Help them be happy. But not at the cost of your own. You have a duty to them, and also yourself. Find your balance, Raphael Son.

Eat well!

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