What do we value at PD?

What do we value at PD?

Is PD right for you?

At the end of the day, I founded this company, and so much of the culture is based on my needs, wants, wishes, and aspirations. This is undeniable. To pretend that PD is just another company is missing the point. It’s grossly underestimating the influence of ME on the organization.

And here’s another thing to consider: I didn’t build this company to sell. I didn’t build this company based on other people’s perceptions, beliefs or best practices. No. I built this company based on the beliefs I was brought up on.

PD is a cumulation of my experiences of reality. Little things, from how to handle grievances to how to get a raise, I care less about standard practices in North America or anywhere else. This and that are all very much based on my perception and interpretation of reality. So at some point, you need to get real with yourself and ask, is PD right for you? And to answer the question honestly, you must have a strong understanding of PD, me, and my leaders. 

Some of you get it. Some of you might think what I’m saying is preposterous. If what I say resonates with you, then there will be nowhere in the world like PD. And if it doesn’t, you’ll be much happier elsewhere. 

Either way, your preference doesn’t make me a good guy or a bad guy, a hero or a villain. Your preference doesn’t alter or affect reality. It’s okay to believe PD is not right for you. It’s also okay to believe it is. 

With love.

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