Don’t underestimate the power of stories. This whole world runs on stories. We sell based on stories. We buy based on the stories we believe. Your value, tell a story. Your ‘differentiation’ tells a story. It’s simple.

You must craft your story as well as the company’s. Not having a story is profoundly underrated. We are absolutely addicted to hearing and telling stories!

Our social feeds, clothing, music, and dietary restrictions all contribute to our story.

Some of us don’t have much time, while some of us are not aware. Regardless, people receive and perceive you as a story. When we think of you, we remember you in terms of stories.

When we meditate and lose presence, it is because we are distracted by random stories about the past and the future.

You die and you conquer by the story you tell. You react and strategize based on a future story you buy into…