Shortcomings in choosing your next J.O.B.

A mentor once said to me at a wee young age, “Khalid, you know what ‘job’ stands for, right? Just over broke.” I understood it as not making much money. In fact, it was one (only one) of the reasons why I ventured out to start my own business. Who’d want to be just over broke?

Luckily, money was the least important reason amongst the many reasons I needed to start my own company. In fact, my mentor was really wrong. Most entrepreneurs could make more money working somewhere else. Which brings me to this – we all need to work somewhere. Even I, as a business owner, still come to a place I call work.

I can proudly say, my team and I choose and want to come to work. But most people will never find such fulfilment or satisfaction at their place of work. That’s because their criteria when looking for a place, was flawed from the start.

Just over broke, culturally.

So what type of job are you looking for? This is what I hear often:

  • Industry: Blockchain is hot, sounds like it’s a growing industry
  • Interests: I love video gaming. Perhaps I can find something to do with video games
  • Money: This job will give me the most money

What I don’t hear -which is far more important- is:

  • Purpsose: I’m looking to work at a place with purpose I can align with
  • Culture: I want to work with people that I can love, and call family

And because this is not even on the radar, people end up in places that lack purpose and have shitty cultures.

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