Random Equations

Culture > Growth

Success = Keeping in our ways

t > $

Purpose> Passion

Truth > Deception

Strength > Weakness

Soft > Hard

Gentle > Forced

Open > Closed

Debate > Gossip 

Curious > Biased 

Support > Attack

Seek > Conclude

Health = Wisdom = Health

Simple > Complicated

Anger < Disappointed < Forgiveness < Acceptance, for if you knew the full truth of the universe, you need not ever have to forgive. 

Your Anger: Your Fault

Your Sadness: Your Attention

Gratefulness = Medicine and Cure

Your Complaints = Forgotten the Truth, lost sight of the big picture.

The Weak are easily corrupted, often by their own demons. 

Your feelings: does not equal the truth. 

Your feelings: distort your understanding of the truth.

The truth cannot be distorted, only masked and ignored. 

Written in Vietnam

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