Only one game in town: Happiness

There are many definitions of success. In today’s cynical and constantly complaining society – there’s only one question to ask, and that is: Are you happy?

You got one life. ONE. Not two. Not four. ONE.

It’s fucking surprising how many people forget this fact. Or bury it deep down.

Back to happiness.

It’s amazing how far and wide we go to pretend to get closer to happiness. We’re not stupid, us humans. We’re just a bit crazy. We know deep inside that the next promotion, car, or fuck will not bring us closer to happiness. But we pretend anyways.

How do you know you’re happy? How do you measure happiness? Where on the spectrum of miserable to Nirvana do you live in?

Here’s the burn ladies and gents:
Happiness is way more achievable, and sooner, than most of your other goals. Yet, we will trade happiness all day long for distraction and bullshit.

How about me?
As a pessimist, I surprise even myself how happy I am in life. Part of it is that I’m older and have learned that there’s only so much fucks to be given. The other is family. I have an unbelievably great relationship with my wife, kids, and extended family and community. This costs very little money. Which is why I’ll forgo financial gain all day long in trade for true happiness.

So how does one become happier?
Google it. Find some TED talks. Take it seriously. Study the shit out of it. You’ll figure it out. There’s no one answer for all. It’s not a badge or a goal. It’s a way of life.

And it’s worth it.

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