Be okay with getting shed, and shedding friends

We will grow apart.
This is a non-negotiable reality.

If you’re working hard, studying, learning, and growing – there’s a very high likelihood that you have friends that are not keeping up with you. This is normal, especially when you’re young. Or perhaps, you have a friend or two that’s really pushing themselves, and you happen to be the lazy bastard in the group. Be prepared to lose the good ones.

You can’t continue to learn and grow, and not start thinking differently. And as you continue to think differently, more intelligently, and deeper – you’ll seek to make friends that are like-minded.

One day I noticed, the majority of my friends are entrepreneurs, business owners, or executives. I didn’t plan for this. It just happened. If I was a coke dealer, I’d probably have a lot of friends that sell dope; or do dope. It’s just the way life is, isn’t it?

Think about it this way: You’re crushing 15-20 non-fiction books a year, at minimum. You’re rate of learning and growing is massive in comparison to most people in society, who don’t read a book a year. What are the chances you’re going to tolerate friends that aren’t growing and pushing themselves? You’re not. Look around and see. You should be prepared to shed some friends…

And if you’re not pushing and growing, look around and find the friends that are. Be okay with the fact that they will one day shed you, like unnecessary and damaging cholesterol.

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