No email policy

The policy

Don’t check emails until a 11:30am.

Emails are the bane of productivity

Emails provide an easy magical doorway to the land of Sans Focus. Emails are distracting, giving the illusion of working hard, ensuring you don’t meet your goals for the day. Our Creative Director, Lannie, has been preaching for a no-email policy for years now. As of late, I’ve been feeling the results of Sans Focus and have now banned myself from emails until noon.

Remember: Emails can wait. The world will still be in order if you respond later in the day.

A few thoughts to consider

  1. You’re brain is fresh in the morning. Use this time of high-productivity to accomplishing goals.
  2. You can easily get lost in email hell, lose track of time, and lose momentum.
  3. Clients/people will sometimes answer their own questions.
  4. Clients/people “email-out-loud”. Basically, sending emails as they think. Better to wait and consolidate their thoughts.
  5. If it’s super important, they can call.

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  1. Is this applied for PM? 😛

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