My weaknesses, for the record

I drive like a maniac, is what some people would say. You can say, I’m in denial of this. For good reason. I believe I’m in great control.

I can sometimes fuck myself over by falling in love with a person and being unfair to myself, or worse, the mission.

I sometimes lose my patience with things moving too slowly. Most things and people move too slowly for me.

I’m loud. I’m also really quiet.
I love people, but also can’t stand’em. Thus, I love being around people, but also hate it and need to have an above-average amount of alone time.

Overall, you can say I’m confused. I don’t think so. So perhaps, I’m just confusing.

I’ll hold you accountable, often regardless of the consequences. Is this really a weakness of mine, or yours?

I don’t give a fuck. I’ve learned my health, wellness, and happiness come first.

I’m not a high quick-start and require a decent amount of information.

I have too many things going on at the same time. Too many goals. Too many projects. This can be fun but also rough for subordinates. I’m often spread too thin.

I’m awkward as fuck on first and second encounters, usually.

When it comes to the mission, I can be judgemental. And pretty ruthless at times. Usually when I’m too focused on the mission for many days in a row without adequate rest and play.

I swear a lot. Fuck.

I don’t truly believe my weaknesses are weaknesses, but actually a weakness in those who aren’t able to see how such weaknesses all come with equal strengths.

More recently, I’ve started to believe I’m the shit.

Until I don’t ’cause I’m spiralling out from my place of stability.

I like stability.

I’m waaaaaay faster at getting out of a dark place than before. Typically, no more than a 24-hour period. This is a dramatic improvement from being down and depressed for months at a time.

I forgot, this was supposed to be about my weaknesses.

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