Men in Power

Our men in power, many of them like quarrelling children, little boys with big bombs.

Each child, refusing to see the other’s point of view. Each child pointing a finger, too immature and still underdeveloped to see his own crimes and errors. And how sad for us that we have elected (allowed into power) these temper-tantrum little boys, making life-and-death decisions for the rest of us. Rather than scolding the whole lot of them, we praise them, lavish them with power and influence, and follow them blindly. 

Oh, where are the wise? They exist? Yes, they do, but how pathetic have the wise become? What use is their possession of knowledge and wisdom when it is bound and sealed by their own spineless cowardness? Each claiming victimhood to the tyrants in one hand and held back by their own shameless bureaucracy in another. 

The inmates have definitely taken control of the asylums. There are no guards to hold them accountable. 

Look to your left, and you will see corruption and lies. 
Look to your right, and you can see corruption and lies. 

All parties and all politicians, with the exception of the rare few who are ignored or silenced, are working for their own interests. 

Shame on them. Shame on us. 

And the result of these shenanigans?

People suffering. People dying. On all sides. 

Oh, the idiocy of the common people to believe the lies that his fellow man across the border is his enemy is anything less than his brother and his sister. People have gone mad. And it is our leaders who have driven us all mad. 

Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, business class. 
Seat F1, looking out into the clouds.