Men, and the West

The West is pushing hard for men to be more feminine. Cool. But other countries (our enemies) that look to devour us, are not feminine. They are not fair, equitable, beautiful, and complicated. They are masculine. Fierce. Dominating. Looking to devour its prey.

Let’s not forget. For centuries, men were the protectors of women and children, justice and peace. Yes. There are many brave and honourable women in wars, both *#*#**### and strategic. But they are anomalies. The masses that die to gain or protect us are men. In the West, we are trying to eliminate the masculine. This is a dangerous proposition. \

Who will stand up to die? Not should women and children. It is the duty of men.

They, we, deserve more respect. Love. Adoration.

– Vietnam, 2:07 am

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