Living with intent

Having a break from the battlefield.

What does it mean to live with intent? It means to me, that as much as possible, your actions, words, feelings and thoughts have purpose and intention. Everything. As much as possible. 

I say I’m going to prepare every night, the next day. But I haven’t, and I don’t yet. 

I say, I will meditate, but I haven’t, and I don’t yet. 

This is the same with reading, studying topics of interest and importance, eating habits, teaching my kids, and so much more. 

I say $100M/yr in revenue but let myself be distracted by the little things not much of importance. 

To the standards I have set for myself, I am a failure. 

For anyone who believes I am too hard on myself, or too harsh with myself, such a person is gravely wrong and severally underestimates the potential of God through me. Like the universe, I am limitless and expansive. 

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