Letting go of people

There is a lack of talent. This is great news for us.

Email to myself: Dec 25, 2021, 9:13 AM

Whatever the challenge, if it’s market, social, industry, or whatever challenge that other orgs and people face as well, not isolated to PD or a PD member… This is great news.

Why?We are different. I am different.
The bigger the challenge or problem, the better for us. The more problems and challenges in our industries and markets, the bigger the pot of gold for us. Why? Because we both know and act accordingly.

Find the biggest problems and solve them. Simple. In return, accumulate wealth and riches. Simple.
Understanding this simple approach to life, one must also recognize the individual. If the individual cannot or will not solve her personal problems, what makes you believe she will solve our bigger more challenging ones? People who procrastinate, make excuses, play the victim card, refuse to sacrifice the base for the noble, such people will not be assets. And know, such people are not neutral either. They are a drain to the system. They will rob you of your energy, money, and most importantly, your time.

The opportunity cost of a day wasted on the wrong person cannot be measured. For we know, even one hour can make the difference between mediocrity and genius. An opportunity lost or gained.

To wait for such a person to ‘get better’ or ‘catch up’ when the signs are so loud, reveals your blindness, deafness, and incompetence.

Rare are the times, that you can actually say, “you didn’t know.” Always, almost every single time, the signs are blindingly bright, deafeningly loud, and physically blunt. Look upon the people you’ve walked away from in your past. In every single occurrence, you knew well in advance of the right decision. It was known to you both consciously and unconsciously. What you failed to notice, was your own lack of courage and strength. The problem was never the person or group. It was your lack of backbone, hesitant to do what’s right. And when you finally mustered up the courage to do so, every time you felt lighter and free, wondering what took you so long to make the right decision.

Stop. Hold on to this thought. Feel it. The lack of courage before saying goodbye. The freedom gained from finally being aligned with your truth. Feel it with all your emotions and intelligence. You will fail again. Next time, however, the time it will take you to decide to chop off the cancerous arm will be much faster. And so, you will also benefit from stopping it from spreading unnecessarily. In time, you will strengthen your spirit and acknowledge your own needs, and be willing to speak loudly and clearly your expectations from others and the universe. In time, you will no longer need to cut out cancer from your life. You will simply stay clear of it.

Here’s what I know.

Those unwilling to face their personal problems, but rather avoid and numb themselves… This will eventually catch up to such a person. Every single time. No person is exempt. We are all human. We all have physical and emotional limitations. Every person has a breaking point.

If a person is letting herself down, this person will break and eventually let you down. Why? Even the best of intentions won’t suffice. How can someone be willing to love you more than loving herself? How can he possibly and truly be there for you if he is currently failing to be there for himself?

The seeds can be recognized in simple and small behaviors and statements. “I didn’t have time to read.” But this person had time to watch Netflix. “I didn’t have an opportunity to exercise.” But she had time to drink copious amounts of alcohol. The person who fails themselves will in time fail you.

Be brave. Be honest. Demand more. It is good for you, the person, the community, and our existence.


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