Interacting with people comes with a risk, another song maybe?

Every time you speak to another person, you are at risk.

Risk of what? Oh so many things.

Risk of

  • talking too much
  • talking too little
  • interpreting incorrectly
  • interpreting correctly, and wishing you didn’t
  • acting like a fool
  • saying things you regret
  • miscommunicating
  • creating a new frienemy
  • creating a new enemy
  • sowing doubt, anger, hostility
  • waisting time you could have better invested in picking your nose
  • talking to the wrong person about your shit
  • being disrespected
  • being disrespectful
  • being sold something you don’t want
  • being sold something you want, but should never have
  • falling in love
  • hating the person
  • becoming attracted to the person
  • getting horny
  • losing attraction for the person
  • spacing out, thinking about other things like, did you set that stupid app on auto-renew? I should look into that. I don’t want to renew next year. I’ll probably forget and then get charged and then forget to ask for a refund. Fuck. What’s this dude saying again?
  • being attentive and realizing the person, probably your loved one, is dumb
  • revealing a secret
  • revealing someone else’s secret
  • gossip
  • criticizing, condemning, complaining
  • spitting in the person’s face
  • giving/catching COVID

Just a few reasons why I prefer solitude.

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