Intense few weeks

Below are my unfiltered thoughts to myself. Thought I’d share.

I’m either a commander, a captain, a ruler, or a commando.

When I am a commando, everything seems to be too slow, an obstacle to overcome, an enemy to slice. Nothing is good enough. Things are not good enough. People are not good enough. I want blood. I want victory. I want to kill the goals, tasks, duties, etc. I’m intense. And everything pisses me off. This is how I’ve been feeling since the last week of August. I’m concerned that my involvement in so many things is stretching me way too thin, and my patience to a low. Naturally, I have always had anger issues. In the last six months, I’ve been the most zen. However, as of late, I see it poking out the box wanting to resurface.

Time. I feel it escaping. So many things to do. So many projects, goals, dreams, people to help, things to accomplish.

It is hard to rule a country and be a warrior at the same time.

Anyway – today has been good to me. I’ve been alone at the office relaxing and taking things slow. Tomorrow is back to the grind.

Thanks for being in my life.

Well said. It’s never good enough. Thanks for sending this.

– T____

Hey Khalid,

I appreciate your email and the clarity in which you expressed you’re emotions and intensity.

First, I think it’s great that you have this level of emotional intelligence… Now you just need a game plan to manage it.

In learning to manage your level of intensity, the key is to get very specific about the subject that’s creating the intensity. the intensity comes from fear… That fear is the driver of the intensity. Isolating the source of the fear is key.

Stripping away all of the emotion to get to the core issue that strengthens the fear will put you in charge of that intensity, which can be turned into power because you actually know the real source of your intensity.

I’m always open to doing the live call with you about how to discover it. I’m super proud of you and your awareness… your rockstar!

On a different subject, thank you so much for my birthday present and my birthday visit. It was wonderful to see you, Lannie and the kids, we really enjoyed having you visit.

It is very rare when we actually have guests at our home… in fact, you are the 5th friend to visit our home in 5 years.

S_____ is very private as you can imagine and it was a pleasure to have you visit.

Call me if you ever need to chat. I love and appreciate you both.

Talk soon, C____

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