9:31 am // A few questions participants should ask.

  • How do you define attack? How do you define defence?
  • What is the relationship between claiming what is and asking what is?
  • How do you stop the spread of suffering? What behaviours amplify and spread suffering?
  • What is Truth if two or more parties witnessing an event, experience and perceive that experience in contradiction with each other?
  • How would you approach and measure perceptions, searching for Truth, collapsing the multiverse to one conclusive reality?
  • How do past behaviours, habits, and thought patterns play into the analysis of a situation and the participants involved?
  • Does the health of mind of participants play a role on the event and perceptions of the event, and of so, how does it?

9:50 am // Neutrality does not exist

Neutrality does not exist. Participants will leave the round table more united or more divided. Neutrality does not exist, as nothing remains the same.

Family, community, do not stay together by accident. It requires love, patience, and at times cleverness.
I am flawed, petty, and biased to believe my position is noble and true, and others’ corrupted. To keep family and community together and strong, all participants must be willing to yield, be humble, and be first take responsibility and accountability for the whole.

10:02 am // A few more questions

  • What are unspoken expectations?
  • What are the results of unspoken expectations?
  • What unspoken expectations do I have of others?

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