Email to me: Sometimes you need to make a declaration…

The following is an email I sent myself May 8, 2018, 5:13 PM. Suffice to say, I was going through some fucked up shit at the time. Needed some heavy soldier talk with myself.

Start your day with a WIN+.

Tomorrow morning, at 5am. You will wake up and do the following.

Hit the gym hard. 30 minutes. Until you’re ready to puke. Have your drink ready, ahead of time. The night before.
Shower. 10 minute max. No fucking time to waste.
5 minutes. Get ready. Your clothes should be prepped the night before.

It’s 6am. What now?

Meditate. Meditate to clear your mind. Meditate on the day. Envision the Win+.
Great, you’ve done that. Now what?
Study your Viet. You got 30 minutes. Go.

It’s 7am. What will you do?

Help Lannie by getting the kids ready. How will you do this? Prep the night before.
[ ] Who’s wearing what?
[ ] Who’s eating what?
[ ] Philo’s lunch? Kumon? Kung-fu?

Great. You’ve helped with the kids. Now it’s 7:30am..

Play the guitar for one pomo.
Read for one pomo.

8am Soldier.

You’ve got more done in the morning before most people are up. Great job. Now keep moving.
Sure. You’re probably tired, not used to doing so much this early – it’s been a while.

Start your day. Take a look at what’s on your plate via SLACK and Notes. And do the things you don’t want to do first. Your goal: Get your work done before you can slow down. NO SLOWING DOWN SOLDIER. If you’re hungry, eat greens. much on nuts. Drink more water.

You’ve got ’till 3.

You got until 3pm until your energy wavers, and your focus drops. Probably earlier. Why? Because that’s life. We’re all a bunch of sissy bitches. Make the most out of it for those hours prior. Make this a daily effort. Remember, prepare for Thursday on Wednesday.

At 3pm

At 3pm, you’re picking up your son, going to Kumon, then kung-fu. You’re taking real interest in your son’s life. You’ll be present. You’ll be in the Now. You’ll give him full attention.

No distractions. No falling out of character soldier.

No. No social media. No FB. No Instagram. No random YouTube videos. None of that. Work, work work. Work for a solid focused period, then rest. And when you rest, you won’t allow yourself to be distracted. You’ll meditate on the pain. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll bask in the pain. Why? Because it’s life. Pain makes you feel alive. It makes you strong. Suffering = presence. Witness the suffering and be in the Now. Don’t let the Ego tell you it’s not meant to be. Smile. Take it in. Bask in it.

Paris, ON

These three days, two nights was a great detox, relaxation, defragging. What is the result?


Don’t know what to do? Find something to do. There’s a million things you can do.
Call people. Say hello. Read. Write. Study. Assist. Clean. Prepare. There’s too much at stake for you not to be producing, fixing, mentoring, and providing value to the universe.

There will be distractions. Beautiful women in the view. Your hormones. Your boredom. Your lack of focus.

There will be resistance. Interruptions. Distractions. Boredom. Your hormones.

DISTRACTIONS. Everything is fighting for your attention. Blogs. Posts. Posters. Ads. You must keep focus on the things that matter.

The next day

What will you do the day and night before to prepare for a fucking Win+ day?

Have my daily activities planned out. What will get done on Slack…

You must visualize the day’s happenings. You must meditate, clear the mind, and create intentions for the day. There’s no way out. You can’t just fumble through the day expecting things to happen. Only you have power over your reality, and it starts with thoughts. Thoughts are only productive when you can be at peace, in the Now, thoughtless, and aware of the Ego.

Most importantly. Read this before going to sleep.

Adjust where necessary.

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