Culture Shield

Thoughts running through my mind:

Protection. Shield. Empire. Careful entries. Undocumented immigrants. Virus. Infection. Mutation. Assimilation.

It’s naive to underestimate the damage that can be caused to culture by not guarding and protecting it. Would you not guard your castle, empire, city, state against invaders designed to wipe you out – cease your existence?

How to protect against cultural invaders.

Why is this important?
Being the old oak tree, vs being a fallen leaf blown away by the winds of reality. Many Canadians take their cues on how to behave (then think) from the propaganda industry.

What is the propaganda industry? Better question is: Who?

Any entity looking to influence your mind against your will or knowledge. This includes businesses, marketing firms, their clients, and political parties.

How to combat this industry is understanding the ‘source-culture’ – the olden days. Next is appreciation its strength in protecting you, and knowing your duty to protect it.

How? This is easy.

  • Stories
  • Legends
  • Ancestry
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Food
  • Holy days
  • Celebrations
  • Traditions
  • Not geographic land, but social real estate

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