Corporate Leadership is the last stronghold

In an ever morally decaying and intellectual downsizing of humanity. Who else is there left to lead?

With the exception of the few, the noble, the anomalies:

Governments and their politicians are concerned with elections, unable to think or exercise initiatives further out then 3-4 years ahead when our troubling times need steadfast progress over decades.

Schools are afflicted with one-sided automaton rhetoric, where diversity is encouraged unless it’s in thought or philosophy. Curriculum is more interested in teaching about victimhood than math, science, communication, philosophy and stoicism. Free thinking is discouraged, while we continuously coddle our children delaying their ability to grow into healthy adulthood.

Religions are dead, dying, or irrelevant. This is just as true with the new-age religion of atheism, where finger pointing, hatred, prejudice, and bigotry has only multiplied. Purple-haired, boot wearing, untidy plaid garb is the new religious attire for many of this group. A poor reflection of the great prophets of the past like Sagan.

And what about families? This was once the last stronghold. Corporate greed, dirty politicians, and the propaganda industry has reduced holy Family Life to a less than part time unwanted hobby for most. Even well intentioned parents struggle working endless hours, giving the next generation of humans their tired and impatient leftover time. Most are not victims of hard work, but self afflicted dramas caught in the trap of consumerism and fake-social media.

Corporations are not much better. So why do we say, corporate leaders are the last stronghold? Because of three things:

  1. Optionality
  2. Purpose
  3. Profit

The wealthy have more options. They have greater control over their time and finances. The question is, do enough have the courage to do what’s right?

Driven by purpose is lost on governments, schools, and parents. Through a combination of optionality and a decent moral compass, do corporate leaders need to take on a purpose greater than themselves and quarterly profit reports?

True profit is greater than financial profit. The wise know this. Financially broken philosophers who conveniently claim that money is the root of all evils are as of no use. We need financially well off, fiscally responsible philosophers to lead the charge. We will find such people hidden among the corporate elite.

Troops on the ground

There are countless nobles working tirelessly to make the world a better place; to advance human civilization, and to decrease suffering. They exist everywhere, including governments, schools, and our parents. However, their voices are drowned and efforts rendered futile against the tsunami tidal wave of ignoramuses that make up the majority.

Thus, we need desperately people with influence, money, power, and intellect. Those not concerned with being voted in, or tied to whims of fans and followers. These leaders exist in the for-profit corporate world. They are our (the common man’s) inside person. Our link to influence. And we need the lines of communication open. They need to see and feel the fight of the overworked parent, starting artist, struggling student, dying patient.

Corporate Leadership may be the last strong hold.

2020-05-10 Update

No good deed goes unpunished.

Which is why most people in financial power, corporate leaders, won’t martyr themselves for the rest of us.

For years Bill Gates has worked hard to solve global problems. Him and his wife Melinda have saved thousands if not millions of lives. To see how easily people accuse him and his organization for outrageous conspiratorial claims is not just ridiculous. It’s fucking sad. If the man was concerned with more power, making an additional billion, he wouldn’t waste his time in a roundabout effort through the WHO or Khan Academy or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

All prophets are stoned while alive and praised when they’re dead.

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