Buy time

Buying Time
The number one reason you need to get better at leadership.

It’s not about the company. It’s about every area of your life. When you get good at leadership, you can multiple your time.

When you understand business and money, you’ll have more money to trade for time. Time = freedom. You can buy more time for people. The more time you buy, vs buying stuff…

There are only two things you can buy.
1. Stuff
2. Time

I’d rather pay for more of that beautiful 4-dimensional element, than anything else in the world. How can you buy time (T)? Quite easy. Time is for the purchase everywhere. Throughout the day, you interact with opportunities to buy time. But you don’t. You buy stuff. Sometimes physical stuff. Sometimes make-believe stuff like Temporary Pleasure (TP). For example, drinking to get drunk is a form of TP that you buy. You pay with it in many ways.
Opportunity Cost

So how do you buy?

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