Asserting Reality

Like many other posts, and email to myself. This one dated 8:21am, Feb 6, 2020.

Written and posted on April 28th, 2020, at 8:40am

What’s more to say? A lot perhaps.

Reality is fluid. Reality is much more grand than we perceive. Reality is impossible to experience fully by any one creature or organism. So what? Well, perception is the reality each of us experience. And that my friend, is up for debate. But more importantly, up for influence.

RDF – Reality Distortion Field. That’s what they called it when Steve Jobs walked in a room and asserted reality over others. I experienced this many times with my father. Though, he was uneducated and not nearly as talented as Jobs. Regardless, the lessons were powerful and live with me today.

Reality is a bitch for many. But their perception doesn’t have to be. Similarly, reality is amazing for many, but their god-awful shitty perception taints reality like a fat piece of shit inside expensive champaign.

Assert reality.

Assert it. Go on now. Make the world what you need it to be. Help people see the reality that makes the most sense. Leave this up to the masses, and well, you can see what most people’s reality is.

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