Admitting to my complacency

True or false: we resemble tiny insects with roles and hierarchies, fate is almost certain, with little to no actual ability to maneuver our positions and change our directions in life, let alone do grand things that we’ll be remembered and be immortalized for. Those who have are celebrated, and become celebrities, and for good reason. They are outliers. Thus, the lot of us will live average lives – average based on the fishbowls that we’re in. Not much greater, not much worse. And what about those who have done great?

  1. luck played a part.
    Don’t lie. This is true.
  2. They were genetically inclined.
    5’4”? You’re not making it in the NBA.
  3. They did what others were not willing to do.
    This is the big one. The only one you have control over.

What are you willing to do? Not much. And why should I? Life is pretty good. I have 1.5 properties, some savings, mom and dad in Vietnam have a place for us as well. We live in relatively peaceful times, and at worst, there are government and social safety nets to ensure things don’t get too bad. All in all, I can retire safely now and do light work…

And this is the problem.

I have a mediocre life. I am living a life of mediocrity. And at this rate, my golden years will be behind me. I’ll settle to see my kids grow up and take pleasure in the little things in life. Not because that’s good or bad. But simply because I was too lazy and too undisciplined to see what else is out there. To test my resolve and my abilities. To actually try to maximize my value and contribution to this reality. To demand more out of life. To reach for the stars. Because I settled. Because I got comfortable.

Everyone (on the team) has dreams and goals. Desires both noble and deliciously hedonistic. Most will never experience a small percentage of their dreams… and for the same reasons as I. We’ve all settled for average. No-one is reaching for the stars.

How long will I allow mediocrity to become my lot in life, my reality?

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