100%? What if? Why not?

1,000 pushups in one day. What would happen?

I don’t know. Let’s go.

Extremes. What can be accomplished with 100 percent total extreme dedication to one and only one initiative?


98% means you’re spread thin. 100% is the target.

What can you accomplish?

Doesn’t matter if you can’t even hit 25% or 50%.

And why can’t you? Hmmm. 

No setup. 

To hit 100%, you need a serious runway. You need a serious setup. 

What does that look like?

When you sober up, you’ll be tired and drowsy and hungover. You’ll be easily distracted. You’ll be annoyed by all the noise. None of that matters. 

The setup. This is when you should set up for the 100. What can you accomplish at 100%?

No need to fret. No need to sweat. No need for anger or negative emotions. Just smooth, fluid like water, effortless 100. 

Written in Vietnam

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