Strategy Sessions

It’s easy to make blanket recommendations like, “You need to crystallize your mission, vision, and values. You need a logo. You need a website. You need to do some advertising.” This approach is a one-size-fits-all approach, with no clear reason for why each step is needed, what value is expected from each deliverable, and how much resources should be invested in each. The question: “how do we measure success,” needs to be asked for every investment in your organization.

A strategy session with our partners will bring to light a clear path of action, backed by data, collaboration, and insight.

Pixel Dreams Partners


Kal Mokhtarzada
  • Business and marketing strategy
  • Branding and design
  • Process design
  • Project and account management



Lannie Lê
  • Business and marketing strategy
  • Branding and design
  • Experience design
  • UX/UI Technology



A unique approach

“No two organizations’ needs are the same. Every organization has unique challenges and unique opportunities. And so, the growth of your business will require a unique approach. An in depth strategy session includes discovery and data collection, revealing your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. By better understanding who you are, where you are, and the industry you play in, we can flesh out a plan-of-attack (strategy) to achieve your goals.”
– Kal Mokhtarzada, Founder

Framework: Simple, but powerful.

We will be assessing multiple areas of your organization. Our energies will be invested according to your organization’s most important needs.

01. Business 02. Core 03. Branding
Existing and future products, services. Industry, patents, organizational structure, operations, processes, investments, SWOT analysis, etc. The why, story, values, vision, mission, purpose, promises, etc. Name, voice, personality, visual identity, etc.
04. Assets 05. Website 06. Marketing
Brand collateral, patents, videos, industry secrets, etc. Traffic, purpose, success metrics, site architecture (sitemap & wireframes), technology, etc. Offline vs online, marketing budget, marketing goals and objectives, growth engine, types of advertising.

Approach: Flexible. Organic. Dynamic.

They key is to collect as much relevant data as necessary. Establish realistic goals and a plan to achieve them based on the collected information. Through a combination of discussions prompted by questions, we’ll map out a series of discoveries, ideas, goals, and ultimately a strategy to best move forward with.

Session goals

  1. Answer the following question:
    • What are the organization’s goals?
    • How will the organization achieve them?
  2. Value through education
    • Provide insight and data on best business and marketing practices
    • Provide a list of recommended audio, video, and readings
  3. Deliver a strategy report
    • Post meeting, we will deliver a report documenting our findings, ideas, and next steps


All ideas, concepts, sketches, drawings, notes, decisions, and strategies that come out of our session are yours to keep and implement. Following a full-day session, you can expect a comprehensive report detailing our findings including ‘next steps’ we establish in our meeting.

Half-Day Strategy

Full-Day Strategy

• Preparation
• 4-hour strategy session
• Discovery and preparation
• 8-hour strategy session
• Comprehensive Report
One Senior Partner $1,200 One Senior Partner $2,000
Two Senior Partners $1,700 Two Senior Partners $3,000

What you can expect

We’ll arrange a location that is both convenient and ideal for a strategy session. We’ll be equipped with appropriate stationary, one-to-two laptops, and high-speed Wifi. We will be fresh and alert, ready to provide value to you and your organization.

All ideas, concepts, sketches, drawings, notes, decisions, and strategies that come out of our session are yours to keep and implement.


They always came to meetings prepared and let us in on how they made decisions, allowing us to understand their guiding principles. It was also apparent that they were a true partner and collaborated with us as an extended part of our team
– David Mainville, CEO, Navvia
Khalid’s passion for design, positive energy, and quality of work is top-notch.
– Andrea Kent, President,
You can expect commitment to your team, vision and project, dedication to delivering on time and flexibility with resourcing and deliverables. And a little fun and a few smiles along the way.,
– Roshni Wijayasinha, Sr Director of Marketing, Juice Mobile
Your brand needs Khalid. Your advertising needs Khalid. We have had nothing but great experiences with Pixel Dreams. Their energy and creativity is incredible. Much love for the PD team.
– Paul Crowe, CEO, BNOTIONS
I highly recommend Kal and Pixel Dreams to anyone looking for creative ideas and solutions, out of the box thinking”
– Majid Manzarpour, Site Lead, Google
>We engaged Kal and his stellar team at Pixel Dreams to help design and unify our branding, as well as consult us on brand strategy. His insight and explanations were invaluable. Every organization needs a strong brand strategy to achieve long term success, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Khalid and his team for the job.
– Daniel Demsky, Co-founder, BizMedia