What is Red Alert? It means no democracy for you.

First, to appreciate Red Alert behaviours and decision-making processes, one must understand and appreciate what is the Ready Room, and the Observation Lounge, aka Conference Room. Ready Room: A place the Captain does his work, and has private meetings. Longer description below. Observation Lounge: A place the senior staff meet to discuss important business, and…

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Great power

Uncle Ben said, “Peter, with great power comes great responsibility.” True. But you know is truer? With great responsibilities, come great power. Choose to take on more. Choose to be responsible for more. Choose to be a leader, a motivator, a champion of goodness. The greater your responsibilities, the more power the universe will give…

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To say we want diversity is a half truth

We want diversity only if it is profitable. Profitable being defined as something that is good for us. What use is diversity if it negatively impacts ones culture, one’s organism? We call that a virus, which can lead to an eventual mutation of the organism. Diverse thoughts and thoughts that lead to a degradation of…

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